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Aircraft Acquisition

When representing a buyer, Florida Jet Sale’s aircraft acquisition process begins with a careful evaluation of your individual transportation needs and budget parameters. Once your user profile is developed, we document aircraft requirements, analyze the market, and select the best aircraft to meet your needs. Throughout the entire process, Florida Jet Sales provides assistance and support for every aspect of the transaction, from selection, offer, negotiation and contract details, to pre-purchase inspections, test flights, and, if necessary, post-delivery modifications. Our knowledge and market experience supports your search for the best aircraft at the best value.

Acquiring your aircraft

Planning- Review requirements, timing, aircraft selection, offer sequence and negotiating plan.
Offer- Draft letter of intent, define price and terms, anticipate counter offers, negotiation and deposit process.
Contract- Assist in the development, presentation and negotiation of definitive purchase agreement including timing, representations, warranties and conditions.
Inspection- Identify the prepurchase facility, establish workscope standards and aircraft positioning.
Acceptance- Coordinate aircraft acceptance, deposit commitment and remediation or renegotiation.
Closing- Assist with delivery, documentation, closing, administration and ownership transition.

Aircraft Sales

When representing a seller, Florida Jet Sale’s expertise, global network and market experience, combined with our proactive management of the sales process, assure the successful sale of your aircraft. We will work closely with your legal and financial advisors throughout the process and supervise every aspect of the sale to ensure that your interests are professionally represented throughout the process. This includes presale analysis of your financial requirements and timing constraints, a market survey, comparative aircraft valuation, and developing a marketing and advertising program tailored to your aircraft. Our unmatched level of experience will guarantee a smooth, expedited and successful closing of your aircraft.


Selling your aircraft

Valuation- Review the aircraft equipment and status, along with market availability, current momentum and recent sales to set value expectations.
Promotion- Develop specifications, photos and floor plan. Promote with direct mail services, e-mail broadcast campaigns and end-user channels using proprietary database and market listing services. Place print ads in prominent publications, and list aircraft on industry related websites. Market through sales network of industry contacts and events.
Inquiries- Utilize global sales network to respond to and qualify inquiries, answer questions and arrange showings for qualified prospects.
Offers- Qualify, evaluate, and present offers. Recommend appropriate terms, conditions, counter offers and deposit.
Purchase Agreement- Assist in the development of a definitive purchase agreement with buyer’s or advisor’s counsel. Develop inspection workscope, facility, terms, controls, schedule and standards.
Technical Inspection- Ensure comprehensive facility induction, work order opening, inspection scope and objectives. Arrange qualified, on-site, technical representation. Monitor inspection schedule and progress. Coordinate a comprehensive discrepancy list and negotiate any remediation and aircraft acceptance.
Delivery, Closing and Documentation- Coordinate delivery, closing and schedule. Assure completion of all transaction documentation.